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Privacy Statement


Your privacy


As an organisation of the Catholic Church in Australia, we are committed to protecting web users' privacy.


We understand that visitors and users of this website expect privacy in their transactions with us and for their information to be both secure and used only for the purposes for which it is provided as advised by us.


In accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000, ANDYMC has adopted and is bound by the ten (10) national Privacy Principles established by the Federal Privacy Commission and is set out in the Act see



Information collected from website transactions


Unless you specifically provide us with your details, such as when subscribing to a service, we will not collect any personal information, including your name, unless it is part of your email address.


The ANDYMC web site does not create or use cookies..


We do collect information in order to improve our site such as:

  • the type of browser being used;

  • how and when you travel through the site:

  • the pages and documents accessed; and

  • your Internet address;

but we do not collect your name unless it is part of your email address.



Data Disclosure


Information provided to ANDYMC will be treated as per the standards of the ANDYMC privacy policy.


No attempt will be made to disclose your personal details to any parties outside ANDYMC unless permitted or required by law and the information privacy principles contained in Information Standard 42 - Information Privacy.





Email from you will be treated as a public record and will be retained as required by the Libraries and Archives Act 1988.


We will not add any details from your email to a mailing list and we will not disclose these details to third parties unless permitted or required by law and Information Standard 42. Our Internet Service Provider monitors email traffic for system trouble shooting and maintenance purposes only.





This site does not provide open access facilities for securely transmitting information across the Internet. You are advised that there can be risks with transmitting information across the Internet.


This site may contain links to other web sites over which we have no influence regarding either content or compliance with privacy principles.




If you have any queries about our privacy and security practices, please contact the Executive Officer of ANDYMC.