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The Executive of ANDYMC

The ANDYMC Executive oversee the business and affairs of the ANDYMC.

They are required to:

  • Act as a clearing house for information exchange;

  • Represent ANDYMC to the wider community;

  • Sustain the momentum of ANDYMC between Annual Meetings;

  • Liaise with Working Groups;

  • Prepare Annual meeting agenda, including process and in-service component;

  • Organise Annual Membership Meeting and try to link in with other national events;

  • Handle finances of ANDYMC and provide a statement for each Annual Membership Meeting;

  • Organise representation at the annual Bishops Committee for Laity Meeting;

  • Prepare a report for the annual Bishops Committee for Laity Meeting;

  • Perform other appropriate roles as designated by ANDYMC membership when necessary;

  • Modify Strategic Plan and Procedure documents after the Annual Meeting and disseminate within three (3) months.


The Current Members of the ANDYMC Executive are:

Executive Officer:    Adam Morris  (DYMC - Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn

Secretary:    Michael Hart    (DYMC - Archdiocese of Brisbane)

Networker:    Position Currently Vacant

Treasurer:    Brent Lammas    (DYMC - Diocese of Rockhampton)    


The Roles of the Executive are as follows:

The role of the Executive Officer includes:

  • Calling Annual Membership Meeting;

  • Assisting in planning the Annual Membership Meeting;

  • Preparing the report for Bishop’s Committee for Laity;

  • Selecting representatives for attendance at Bishops Committee for Laity;

  • Representing ANDYMC to wider community, bishops, media;

  • Researching dates prior to Annual Membership Meeting.

The role of the Secretary includes:

  • Organising minute taking at Annual Membership Meeting;

  • Assisting in planning the Annual Membership Meeting;

  • Maintenance of historical documentation (eg amendments to Procedures);

  • Handling registrations for Annual Membership Meeting.

The role of the Networker includes:

  • Contact and welcome new Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinators;

  • Promotion and facilitation of communication within ANDYMC;

  • Contacting dioceses without a Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator;

  • Ongoing telephone contact with all Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinators or nominated diocesan contact;

  • Support Executive officer, Secretary and Treasurer;

  • Facilitating the production of a newsletter;

  • Updating ANDYMC address listing.

The role of the Treasurer includes:

  • Financial Management of ANDYMC (including collection of subscriptions);

  • Management of inward and outward correspondence via Secretary;

  • Calculating Cost Equalisation (to be settled within 4 weeks of Annual Membership Meeting);

  • Project Finance.